Fundamentals of Insider Threats

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You can loose your job becuase of a mistake..... maybe you mishandled your privileges and responsibilities at the work place, missed a compliance or felt insecure because of some reason and exhibited anger and frustration? Did you use official privileges at your personal benefit? Know that employers and HR departments watch employee actions and further implement automation to aid in analysing and profiling your behaviors regardless of your location or device. As a privileged user, you access corporate resources and are  prone to costly mistakes or compromises! you may have shared access credentials! You could be an introvert who minds their own business and work independently, for long and late, at work and away,  or a bully that expresses disgruntlement at the workplace.  You could be passing as a risk to the company!  In your line of duty , you can (un)wittingly conceive malice and beware! Your actions may have put you on a watchlist as a malicious insider....and earned you the label of an insider threat!

Insider threats are an evolving security threat and a dangerous risk, especially with the advent of cloud access / computing and working from the small home office. Various industry statistics online reveal that malicious insiders pose more harm to organisations because many  have unlimited access to all resources.  While they are spending heavily to better protect their critical data and IT infrastructure against unauthorised access from cyber criminals, many organisations have fallen victims to a range of negative consequences among them loss of confidential data, revenue, clients and even lost businesses. They are not proficient in recognising this evolving threat within the organisation and have become extremy vulnerable to breaches.  This free and self paced course aims to build your knowledge and understanding your role as an employee and a risk, and help you in keeping your data, organisation and networks secure by taking relevant actions to mitigate against accidental or deliberate insider personel actions that lead to cyber attacks. Enjoy.


Fundamentals of Insider Threats
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Essentials of Insider Threats Mitigation
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